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Worldwide Delivery During COVID-19

JETRANS is designated an essential service for all nations and is an integral part of the federal response to this coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The following information shows how we are continuing to deliver for America and the world at large.

During this global emergency, the JETRANS is firmly committed to being a source of constancy and reliability in every community. Our more than 1,970,000 employees are working to make sure our customers can depend on us. We’re on the front lines — delivering needed medicines, supplies, benefit checks, financial statements and the important correspondence every family counts on.

Keeping our customers safe

JETRANS continues to follow the strategies and measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health departments regarding COVID-19 ( We are additionally reinforcing workplace behaviors to ensure that contact with our customers reflects the best guidance regarding healthy interactions, social distancing and risk minimization.

Keeping our employees safe

Keeping our employees safe

During the COVID-19 outbreak, JETRANS continues to fulfill its critical mission to bind all nations together. JETRANS employees are working hard for our customers every day, serving as a lifeline for millions of people. The safety and wellness of our employees are important to us and we’ll continue to follow the strategies and measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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